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1 Mission Statement - University of Toronto PT / OS & OT Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Alumni Association provides leadership, support, recognition and encouragement to foster lifelong relationships between and among the Alumni, the students, the Departments, faculty, and the University of Toronto.

To develop and maintain communication with Alumni for social and professional purposes

  • Expand the content and frequency of Update
  • Engage Alumni and related community via multimedia channels
  • Provide educational and social gatherings for all alumni
  • Communicate with and keep class representatives well informed

To provide information about our alma mater, the faculty, the students, and our Alumni

  • Invite class representatives to provide reports in Update (e.g. awards, retirements)
  • Have regular reports from Faculty in Update
  • Profile various alumni & students and their activities in Update

To recognize and reward academic and professional excellence

  • Provide Awards for students and Alumni
  • Acknowledge awards in Update
  • Support convocation

To assist the students with their educational, professional, and fundraising initiatives

  • Provide informal mentoring (e.g. gatherings, panel Q and A, presentations on a variety of practices in the field)
  • Join forces with students in community events (e.g. Dragon Boat Race, Ride for Heart)
  • Participate in appropriate job fairs
  • Participate in fundraising events that support students financial needs
  • Participate in fundraising to support the Alumni Association and its constituents
  • Establish a Scholarship Fund