Donors to Physical Therapy and Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

We would like to thank all of our generous donors who made a gift to PT, OT or the Rehabilitation Sciences Sector between January 1st and December 31st, 2016! If you’d like to make a gift, please visit the online giving page ( to make a donation to either Physical Therapy or Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy. Funds raised are used to support students through bursaries and scholarships and also to fund travel to national and international conferences and clinical placements. To learn more about different giving options, or if you are interested in making a gift of securities or a planned gift, please contact Katie Rock, Senior Development Officer, Rehabilitation Sciences at 416-946-7785 or

Sandra D. L. Armstrong Diana H. Hopkins-Rosseel D. Reid
Donna J. Barker Jo-Anne A. Howe  Anne M. Remmel
David and Gwen Bell Susan K. Hurley  Mea M. C. Renahan
Katherine Berg Jane Hutton  Patty Rigby
Marie V. Bodrug Monika H. Johnston Sheila Ritcey
Elizabeth Bracht Maranatha S. Joos Joan Roberts
Jocelyne Brault Trishan M. Kelso  Judy Rochwerg
Diane Brokenshire Ryadh Khelil  Antonina Rupp
Dina Brooks Bonnie Kirsh  Judith M. Russell
Clare R. Bryja Mary Margaret Koreen  Molly Schlosser
 Esther Burack Elizabeth A Langlois  Luella M. Shank
 Lesley Buttle Sylvia M. Langlois  Margaret Shaw
 Monika Cameron  Sharon A. Levy  Fearnley Smith
Barbara J. Challis Karen L. Llanos  Sandra M. Sokoloff
 Lillian Cooper Shirley A. Lupton  Dorothy Soo
 Margaret Samuel Currie Nora M. Mansfield  Kathryn E. Steckley
 Diane L. Davis Allison Martins  Anne M. Strickland
 Deirdre R. Dawson  Evelyn J. McComb  Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
 Susan M. Dosman  Linda A. McIlwain  Robert and Lorraine Tate
The Drummond Foundation  Pat and Ron McKee  Shirley M. Taylor
 Mary E. Dunn  Sheila P. Mehta  Susan E. Thomas
 Sarah Eby  Helen F. Mierzwa  Margaret O. Thomson
 Nancy E. Egan  Ruth J. Milks  Ruth E. Torrey-Brockie
 Cathy Evans  Linda Moore  Barry Trentham
 Penny Evenden Debra Mosnyk  Marion Vallentgoed
 Susan J. Ferguson  Nga Nguyen  Marguerite E. Varrasso
 Pat Fisher  Kelly K. O’Brien  Judith A. Wagman
 Judith Friedland  Jane C. Palmer  Margo Gaye Walsh
 Noreen P. Fyffe  Joan C. Pape  Rosalie H. Wang
Sharon Gabison  David R. Paradi  Helen Ward
 Joy D. Galloway  Marcia P. Pascoe  Joan A. Weber
 Diane Gasner  Kara K. Patterson  Carolyn A. Webster
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Karen J. Goldenberg  Moira Pena  Linda Claire Wilkinson
 Emily L. Grant  Olive Wallace Pester  Mary M. Wood
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