You can help us fulfill our boundless potential

Our faculty members are known nationally and internationally for their research and expertise in all areas of rehabilitation science. As part of U of T’s Faculty of Medicine, students in the Department of Physical Therapy and the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy have access to the most extensive network of academic clinical centres and community organizations available in North America, as well as state of the art teaching and research facilities.

With your support, we will continue to achieve excellence and produce innovative professionals and academic leaders who are advancing the practice of rehabilitation science and improving the health and well-being of individuals, families, workplaces, and communities across the world.

How to Make Your Gift

You can make a gift to the Departments of Physical Therapy or Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy in one of the following ways:

  • Online:
    • Please note that when completing the donation form, donors are able to specify if this is a gift in honour or in memory under the “Additional Information” section, if applicable.
  • Mail: Cheques can be sent to the Division of University Advancement, payable to to the University of Toronto:

Donations Management
J. Robert S. Prichard Alumni House
21 King’s College Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 3J3

If you are interested in making a planned gift, or would like to know more about the specific funding priorities of each Department, please contact Katie Rock, Senior Development Officer, Rehabilitation Sciences at 416-946-7785 or

List of 2017 Donors to Physical Therapy and Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

Zoe Agnidis Donna Mae Hobbs June B. Rattray
Sandra D. L. Armstrong Diana Hopkins-Rosseel Patricia L. Redmond
Ruth Babcock Mary Horan Elizabeth M. Reid
Diana Bell Jo-Anne A. Howe Mea M. C. Renahan
E. Diane Brokenshire Susan K. Hurley Patty Rigby
Dina Brooks Lesslie Ingledew Sheila Ritcey
Esther Burack Susan Jaglal Judy Rochwerg
Donna A. Campbell Monika  H. Johnston Barbara Salmon
Marya B. Carr Mary Margaret Koreen Gail E. Schewchuk
Nancy P. Christie Alim S. Lalani Margaret Shaw
Heather L. Colquhoun Marion J. Leslie-Bethune Beverley A. Sherwood
Cheryl A. Cooper Katie Lundon M. Fearnley Smith
Beverley C. Craven Shirley A. Lupton Kathryn E. Steckley
Margaret Samuel Currie Annette Marcuzzi M. Diane Stewart
Amanda Dalcourt Allison Martins Anne M. Strickland
Jane Davis Marilyn McCuaig Margaret Strysio
Susan M. Dosman Linda A. McIlwain Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
Mary E. Dunn Margaret L. McMulkin Robert and Lorraine Tate
Sarah Eby Sheela P. Mehta Shirley M. Taylor
Nancy E. Egan Helen F. Mierzwa Jennifer L. Tooke
Cathy Evans Dale Miller Ruth E. Torrey-Brockie
Penny Evenden Linda Moore Marion Vallentgoed
Sylvia J. Fairbank Leslee M. Mordaunt Molly Verrier
Susan Farrow-Hutcheson Margaret Mousseau Judith A. Wagman
Pat Fisher Gail Mueller Joan A. Weber
Lois A. Fricker Emily Nalder Carolyn A. Webster
Sharon Gabison Nga Nguyen Linda Claire Wilkinson
Vilma Gianfelice Jane C. Palmer Marjorie A. Wilson
Karen J. Goldenberg David R. Paradi Teresa A. Wlodarski
Lana Good Marcia P. Pascoe Pui M. Wong
Carol A. Gordon Therese A. Pedlow Mary M. Wood
Iris Greenspoon Moira Pena Karen A. Yantha
Gillian A. J. Harvey Carol Ann Puri Karen Yoshida
Debbie Hébert Carlotta G. Purves-Smith Margaret L. Young
Lesley A. Heysel Maxwell Quackenbush