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”Moving Together: Physiotherapy and the University of Toronto”

This book by Mary Sauriol, Marion Leslie and Joan Pape is about those who started the education of physiotherapists at Hart House during World War I in 1916 and who created Canada’s first university-based course in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto. You can read about the Department’s evolution from a “Two-year diploma course to the present course which results in a Master of Science degree. This amazing progression is exciting reading!

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“Restoring the Spirit: The Beginnings of Occupational Therapy in Canada, 1890 – 1930” by Judith Friedland

racing the influence of popular political and social movements of the time, including the Mental Hygiene, Arts and Crafts, and Settlement House movements, Judith Friedland tells the stories of pioneering women in the field and describes how they established professional associations, workshops, and educational programs. Restoring the Spirit is also the compelling story of the rise of working women and their crucial contributions to the history of health care.

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