Alumni profile: Jane Koh

By Wendy Campbell:

Jane Koh

Graduating in 1997 with a BScOT, Jane Koh began her professional career at Sheena’s Place, a setting in Toronto providing a range of supports for people with eating and body image concerns. Jane worked there for 8 years as a health promotion coordinator with a broad range of responsibilities, including community outreach and running the volunteer program. We began to collaborate closely when I arrived in 2001 to run the library and resource centre. Our task was to help individual volunteers recognize their skills and fit them with available work in the library that would build their strengths and self-esteem, employing principles we’d both learned as OT’s.  Jane’s portfolio also included developing a prevention-based program for eating disorders and training speakers to go into schools and community organizations to deliver presentations on self-esteem and body image as well as how and where to get help with eating disorders.

Jane then challenged herself with a move into the community, teaching life skills in a psychiatric day program at St Joseph’s Health Centre and working mainly with seniors in their homes at Community Occupational Therapy Associates (COTA). After receiving her MHSc in Health Promotion in 2006, she and her supervisor published a research paper on cultural identity. Her academic goal accomplished, she and her husband welcomed two children, while continuing to care for aging parents.

Jane’s present position is in the field of Public Health and involves working on policies and strategies to promote healthy eating in a variety of community settings. Her basic training in the principles and practice of occupational therapy inhabits and informs her current work and fits her very well for balancing both what she does at home with her family and at her job – life’s many occupations.