Alumni Profile: Danny Slack

Photo of Daniel SlackBy Wendy Campbell:

When I first met Danny Slack about 5 years ago, he was an undergraduate in physiology, playing guitar and singing with a group of young musicians doing a weekly gig with patients at the Toronto Grace Health Centre. Next thing I knew he was a physio student and we discovered our common background. He graduated with an MScPT in 2015 (chosen by his classmates to be valedictorian) and is now on staff at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in the Critical Care Unit.

Since it’s possible for a person in acute care to lose up to 40% of their strength in a week, Danny and other members of a team focus on combating weakness with early mobilization and as much activity as is safe for the patient. There may be trauma from traffic accidents or advancing medical conditions and the challenge Danny faces as a physiotherapist is to find exercises that will challenge the muscles while accommodating equipment and allowing the healing process to progress. It may be as simple as passive range of motion movements and encouraging deep breathing, but the intervention gives patients a sense of hope that they will progress to more.

Danny’s first job, six years as a firefighter in his native UK, gave him a sense of how he liked working in an area of critical activity and as part of a team. His experiences in an undergraduate placement at Sunnybrook and as a musician at the Grace exposed him to a range of people and conditions and strengthened his sense of purpose. He loves his current job and, although it can be heart breaking at times, the support of the team and the importance of the work he’s doing make him very happy with his choice of career.